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Ep: 126 - On the Importance of Experimenting with Tamara Bryan

August 20, 2021 Rebecca Ickes Carra Season 1 Episode 26
The Maker's Playbook
Ep: 126 - On the Importance of Experimenting with Tamara Bryan
Show Notes

This week I’m chatting with Tamara Bryan, who you might know on Instagram as Tamara B Pottery. Tamara studied pottery in college and has been working out of her home studio on and off for the past 20 years. I say on and off because as the primary care giver for her kiddos, while it may look to some that Tamara had the freedoms of a full-time potter, living the dream, the reality for her felt a lot more like the crazed side-hustle grind. It’s been a constant trial and error not only in finding her distinct style that she gets asked about regularly, online, but also in discovering what business model works for her life - having tested out shows, built a large wholesale client list, and now, focusing predominately on her own online sales. 

Soon I'll be taking a "season break" on the podcast in order to get caught up and implement some new and improved systems for more efficiently creating these episodes for all of you. It freaks me out to take an entire month "off" given what the algorithm robots will no doubt think. If you struggle with those same worries, please feel free to reach out - On Instagram @themakersplaybook or directly in email at Perhaps together we can shutup the persistent algorithm robots nagging away at our thoughts.

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