The Maker's Playbook

Ep: 112 - Soula of Golden Ratio Clayworks

April 02, 2021 Rebecca Ickes Carra Season 1 Episode 12
The Maker's Playbook
Ep: 112 - Soula of Golden Ratio Clayworks
Show Notes

At its core, I started this podcast to help the maker’s community with so many of the business struggles I’ve had to learn and overcome over the last 11 years of entrepreneurship. But frankly, my chat today with Soula Pefkaros of Golden Ratio Clayworks feels like exactly what I needed to hear for myself. We talk about managing customers expectations as a one-woman shop and solo maker, the struggle to find the right rhythm for a business that not only needs to provide for your livelihood but also support a healthy life for ourselves personally, and how long it’s taken both of us to start truly practicing the importance of genuine rest in our lives. But that’s just in the first half! We also touch upon a subject near and dear to my heart - social enterprises. And how, by building strong, thriving businesses, what a powerful force for change our small businesses could actually be in their communities. Plus, a lot, lot more…

**A quick heads up for this episode **Soula and I are both grown ups with no kiddos around us at the time of this recording. And we dig into topics that we are clearly both passionate about, so our vocabulary choices sort of reflect that passion. In other words, there’s a bit of cursing in this episode, with a few very well placed f-bombs for emphasis. If you’re in a community space or don’t want little ones to hear, then I’d suggest you hit pause and grab your favorite set of headphones.

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