The Maker's Playbook

Ep: 111 - Tom Corneill

March 26, 2021 Rebecca Ickes Carra Season 1 Episode 11
The Maker's Playbook
Ep: 111 - Tom Corneill
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Welcome back friends! For those of you who have just found our little slice of the podcast world, the Maker’s Playbook airs 3 out of every 4 weeks. On that 4th week (which was last week) I share my top photography tips of ceramicists and other makers on my email insiders list. If you missed out on last week’s tips, I shared my top 6 things to consider when buying a camera (or upgrading your existing camera equipment). If you missed out, shoot me an email at and I’ll gladly send it your way.


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This week, Tom and I talk about the struggles of mental health, particularly in being self-employed or trying to create and put things out into the world, we talk about identity and how maybe the goals we don’t achieve are just signs that they were the wrong goals. We share how we’re both coming back to being true to ourselves, and we battle the worse case scenario “what ifs” that plague anyone’s brain before the start a new venture.  And eventually, we do finally talk about the band he started and produced an album with all amidst the UK's on-again/off-again lockdowns over the last 12 months.

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