The Maker's Playbook

Ep: 110 - Diana Adams of Sample Haus

March 12, 2021 Rebecca Ickes Carra Season 1 Episode 10
The Maker's Playbook
Ep: 110 - Diana Adams of Sample Haus
Show Notes

Diana & I dig into the limitations she’s coming up against in trying to balance a full-time job and Sample Haus - which - spoiler alert - Between the time we recorded this conversation and now, Diana has actually put in her notice! She’s going full time! So if you’ve been wondering about that yourself, this episode is definitely for you (and you know I’m already planning to have Diana back this time next year to see how it’s all going). 

We also talk about how seeing examples of real life, working artists gave us both the courage to start out on these business adventures, and how there are actually far more working artists making decent livings in the world, but they are just disguised in our every day lives because we only see them as businesses. Ahh, that sneaky word so many of us cringe at: Business.

If you didn’t catch it a couple of weeks ago, I have a handy free PDF that will help guide you to making smart decisions for yourself, specifically, in starting your own business. Grab the guide for free here.


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