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Ep: 315 - Slow Growth with Ricky Blanding

September 23, 2022 Rebecca Ickes Carra Season 3 Episode 62
The Maker's Playbook
Ep: 315 - Slow Growth with Ricky Blanding
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Today on the podcast, I’m discussing one of my favorite, most insightful, yet most difficult to stick to topics… growing slowly. If I could do it all over again, and go back 12 years in time, the one thing I would do differently would be to actually hold onto the work outside of starting my own business longer. I was in such a rush to feel the false legitimacy of being “full-time” that I missed out on the benefits (and support) that was possible when you weren’t only relying on your craft to pay the bills. This week’s podcast guest has strategic patience about growing his ceramics studio which is deeply refreshing. 

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Ricky Blanding's Instagram

You can find Ricky's work with Scrap Soils at
Also mentioned in this episode, was the work of Princess Odilia, Ricky's mom. Check her out on Instagram, @Transformingdetroit 

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