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Ep: 317 - How having a Full-time Job allows Cory Brown to be an Artist

October 14, 2022 Rebecca Ickes Carra Season 3 Episode 64
The Maker's Playbook
Ep: 317 - How having a Full-time Job allows Cory Brown to be an Artist
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Most of us dream about quitting our full-time jobs in order to do what we love. In fact, that might just be why you are listening to this very podcast. But what if, instead of thinking of your full-time job as the thing holding you back from being creative, you approached it from the perspective of the thing that allows you to be creative. Maybe not necessarily while doing that job (although this week’s guest one could argue gets to do that too), but thanks to the reliability of that job - you get to make whatever you want to make. Whatever you are most curious about. Without worrying about whether or not you can sell it…

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Cory Brown - 14 October 2022