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Ep: 324 - Building Ceramicon with Elisabeth Young

December 16, 2022 Rebecca Ickes Carra Season 3 Episode 71
The Maker's Playbook
Ep: 324 - Building Ceramicon with Elisabeth Young
Show Notes

In order to have kept my small business afloat for the last 12+ years, I had to learn a LOT of other skills that have absolutely nothing to do with crafting a photo. In fact, as you’ve heard from many past guests here on the podcast, once you go full-time with your craft, more often than not, you aren’t spending 100% of your time IN that craft. Instead, there’s admin and website updates and taxes and paperwork and customer service and…. Well, the list goes on, but I think you get the idea. To make a living from the things we make, there are a lot of skills required. But where the heck can you learn some of these skills? Well, for me, it was through in-person conferences. But thanks to the demands a global pandemic put on the world, all of those in-person conferences have realized they can provide these important resources to a heck of a lot more makers throughout the world if they hold a virtual conference. And starting in 2023, a brand new virtual summit is arriving. This week on the podcast, I’m chatting with the creator of Ceramicon. Elisabeth Young’s dream for Ceramicon is to offer an accessible way for people to learn multiple pottery techniques and business strategies from the artists they love and I’ll be joining the 17 other makers and small business owners, sharing some of our hard earned lessons in the pursuit of making a living from the things we make.

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