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Ep: 403 - Being a Part of a Lineage with Gloria Han

May 26, 2023 Season 4 Episode 89
The Maker's Playbook
Ep: 403 - Being a Part of a Lineage with Gloria Han
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My chat this week with Gloria Han opens up so many bit and important conversations (spoiler: this means, there’s going to be a part two!). From getting into education because of a passion for teaching (rather than it being the automatic route after graduate school as it is for so many), to balancing contemporary work with traditional making practices, and encouraging new artists to consider the wisdom of generations of knowledge before defaulting to the overused excuse of there being “no wrong way to make something.” Gloria’s teaching practice and her making practice are intrinsically linked - one informing the other and also each allowing the space for the other passion to be nurtured without the push of capitalism to make work that’s easy to sell.

If you are looking for a way to continue these conversions in a way that can happen faster than I can produce new episodes, while also discovering an amazing group of colleagues that support one another on this journey - whether hobbyists or side-hustlers or full-timers. Beginners or long-time makers - you might just want to check out The Community. It’s our online home and my personal favorite place on the internet, but I’m obviously bias. You can learn more and hear about the experiences of other makers that are not me, and far less bias, by visiting

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Gloria - Episode 403
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