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Ep 422: Debunking the Hustle with Gerald Brown

December 01, 2023 Season 4 Episode 108
The Maker's Playbook
Ep 422: Debunking the Hustle with Gerald Brown
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Have your friends ever marveled at how much you manage to get done? How you somehow work full-time and then also produce artwork on the side that you sell on the nights and weekends in your side-hustle? How often are we praised for seemingly “doing it all?” In our productivity focused culture, these accolades can feel amazing. But is it healthy? I am most definitely not the only one out there who’s been rewarded for their ability to manage numerous things at once. Gerald Brown knows this life well, and on today’s episode, she and I are debunking our often lauded ability to do #AllTheThings, and peeling back the curtain a bit on why. If you’ve ever chatted with Gerald, or listened to her own podcast (called Unraveling. Look it up!) it will come as no surprise that we also get into the big philosophical questions around how we make a living from the things we make a bit more than my usual pragmatic. 

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